Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Vultures Gave Me Away- A Short Story by Renee Lake

The Vultures Gave Me Away

By Renee Lake

I tell the ones who write in not to be stupid like me…. Not to get caught, get careless, get sloppy. They don’t believe me when I tell them the vultures gave me away.

Even the FBI were confused when they got the call, the SSA who interviewed…interrogated....spoke to me after the arrest, kept asking me, “Were you trying to get caught?”

They tell me no one ever noticed my car, white four door, unassuming, parked off the road the second Saturday of every other month.

I miss my car. With the balled up tissue paper in the back window, old food wrappers on the floor, always smelling like dirt, rust and cologne, it was me…it was home. I moved around a lot…the car was the only thing of my life, before.

No one noticed me either, walking into the field, pale skin, black hair against the green, hopping the fence, climbing over dead tree stumps. Not even the hicks who rode their horses past. I was invisible to everyone.

I liked to come during the day, see the sights better, get a glimpse of the little towns and all the people with their mundane lives. It was a thrill to see them going about their own business, while I went about mine.

It always smelled like wet hay, but the rotten kind. Just that alone would make my body have little tremors, I knew I was close the more wet decayed compost I could scent.

No one noticed the first time I was there, when I dragged the blanket out of my car, hauled it over the fence, through the field and into the little smattering of trees. It was night then, if people don’t notice things with the sun shining they surely don’t with the moon.

They ask me if I picked that place on purpose, did it have significance? No, in fact I chuckled the first time I saw the road was called, “Ghost Road.” Ironic, really.

With all the not noticing going on, I really should have paid more attention. They tell me a couple driving became fascinated with the vultures swarming the area, big ones with white in their feathers.

During my trial the man said he had grown up near Ghost Road and had never seen the revolting creatures before. Apparently they joked, that ridiculous couple; to remember my car, the time….they said, “just in case.” They thought it was funny. IT WASN’T FUNNY!!!

I am trying to learn to control my temper.

They took her from me that day. I never got to go back, wipe the dirt from her face, and smooth back her hair. I am not going to be able to study the rate she decomposes or how her flesh softens under my touch the longer she stays buried out there.

I want to blame that stupid couple, but I can’t…she told me I can’t blame them. The last time I saw her, sitting in my jail cell, waiting for trial. She told me if I hadn’t kept digging her back up they never would have come….those damn vultures.

Copy Right Renee Travis/Renee Lake 2015
No part of this may be copied or used unless the author gives written permission.

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