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Thursday, March 28, 2019

ARC- The Vanishing Season By Dot Hutchison

Eight-year-old Brooklyn Mercer has gone missing. And as accustomed as FBI agents Eliza Sterling and Brandon Eddison are to such harrowing cases, this one has struck a nerve. It marks the anniversary of the disappearance of Eddison’s own little sister. Disturbing, too, is the girl’s resemblance to Eliza—so uncanny they could be mother and daughter.
With Eddison’s unsettled past rising again with rage and pain, Eliza is determined to solve this case at any cost. But the closer she looks, the more reluctant she is to divulge to her increasingly shaken partner what she finds. Brooklyn isn’t the only girl of her exact description to go missing. She’s just the latest in a frightening pattern going back decades in cities throughout the entire country.
In a race against time, Eliza’s determined to bring Brooklyn home and somehow find the link to the cold case that has haunted Eddison—and the entire Crimes Against Children team—since its inception

I received a copy of this book for an honest review

Trigger warnings for child abuse, death, murder, and emotional abuse.

I don't know what I can say about this novel. It was amazing. I laughed and I cried. I saw characters I have grown to love and new characters that were amazing. I was appalled, horrified, relieved and amused.

This is the last installment of this series and I am sad to see it end. But oh, what a great ending.

This novel gives us an ending to a series-long question; What happened to Eddison's sister?

I downloaded it on Kindle and didn't stop reading until it was over.

I loved the way the author handled an ongoing theme of abuse in this book and making sure characters are accountable for their actions. This book is filled with strong woman and characters who are deep, have their own scars and rise above their pasts to challenge and live their best lives.

This is also a very diverse book.

I do not recommend reading this unless you've read the others. Go now and buy them, then gobble them up. But have some tissues nearby and be prepared to need self-care afterward.

Thank you Ms. Hutchison- I have very much enjoyed the ride.