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Friday, July 19, 2019

Spot Light Post: Malaki Mayhem by Ashley Craig

"A proclamation; mass banishment; a royal impostor...
When she awakes alone with no memories in a magic-filled realm, Ela never expects the chaos to come. She finds that she must stop the banishment and imprisonment of all non-fairies, expose a royal impostor, and reunite a kingdom...challenging enough tasks, anyway, made even more difficult by her missing memories and lack of magical abilities. The kingdom's fate rests in Ela's hands...can this blue-haired woman and her companions meet the challenge?
Experience a wide variety of magical, mythical creatures in this unique fantasy realm!
Contains strong language and PG-13 situations."

Malaki Mayhem is a fantasy adventure romance set in a magical realm filled with traditional mythical and legendary creatures, including fairies, sylphs, nymphs, shifters, and more. There are also a few creatures of Ashley's own creation (such as Malaki, of course), and she re-envisioned a few traditional ones.

Ashley grew up roaming the forests of the Appalachian Mountains so the idea for the story blossomed from her over-active imagination and hours spent in the forest as a kid wondering about all the magical "what-ifs..." She has always had a fascination with magic and mystical creatures. For this story, she started thinking "what if one race of creatures wanted to take over the world? How would they do it? Why would they do it?" and then the story grew from there. She even delves into her own spin-off of how the world was created.

Ashley wrote most of this book while listening to her favorite band, Panic! at the Disco; their "Death of a Bachelor" album released around the time Ashley started writing this book so that album stayed on repeat for much of the drafting process. When she thinks back on the writing process, "House of Memories" sings the loudest to her.

Check out Malaki Mayhem on Amazon (in Kindle or paperback format) to find out who the royal impostor is and what motivates them!

You can also visit her website and blog at http://www.ashleycraigauthor.com/

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