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Friday, February 12, 2016

Amatore's Restaurant by James Sillwood

It is the end of another successful year for the Recreative Theatre Company and the cast have arranged to meet at Ristorante Amatore for their end-of-season dinner.
As the evening progresses, each guest recalls a past sexual liaison. In these recollections we are transported to a variety of locations; the rolling countryside of Brittany to the brown caf├ęs of Amsterdam, from the grandeur of Venice to the slums of

I received a copy of this novel in return for an honest review

First off let me say this, Amatore's Restaurant has some truly beautiful language. The descriptions are very well written. I am giving this novel 4 stars because the story lines, characters and back ground were brilliant. However it did take some time to get used to the writing style. The story is in third person, but the characters thoughts are all first person and well.... here's an example:

The traffic was clear until she reached the Watford by-pass.
When she agreed to watch their place, Jake and Ashley definitely
said they would be back in time for the dinner on Wednesday. Why
does this always happen? Why, whenever I do someone a favour, do
they always take advantage? If it wasn't for Duke and Fizz, I'd refuse.
Of course, Jake knows I wouldn't neglect the dogs. What a hassle!

I also wasn't a fan of the cover art.

So those were my only complaints, after I got over the unusual writing style choice the storylines sucked me in and didn't let go.

This is a very erotic novel, so if you don't like erotica you need to skip this, because there is sex and it is hot.

The story starts with a powerful female who knows what she wants and goes out and gets it. The second chapter has two women lovers, an unfaithful husband and a bit that includes a school girl uniform. Each chapter is is the different recollections of past sexual encounters by members of the Recreative Theatre Company as they celebrate at Ristorante Amatore. This is not an erotica about some subservient female doing whatever a man wants. Quite the reverse. There are many sexual encounters with many characters.

The author writes about these characters and the places they live and visit as if these are real people and real places. This is a very sensual novel, read it with someone that already makes you think naughty thoughts to make the experience extra spicy.