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Friday, April 4, 2014

Wayfarer by Lili St Crow

After loving Nameless in ways few can possibly imagine I practically jumped out of my skin in joy when I forgot that Wayfarer was coming out and randomly saw it at Barnes N Nobles. I grabbed it up did my stupid  Doctor Who/book dance and proceeded to gobble it up.
This was not as good as Nameless, but it was good. The Cinderella re telling was very different from any other I have read, it was dark and very promising. There is an interesting twist with all the “evil” characters. The Step mom, the one Step sister and the “fairy god mother.” So it kept me on my toes in an enjoyable way.
This novel gives you even more insight into the awesome and creepy world the author introduced us to in Nameless. The “prince” was a good solid love interest and not quite an insta-love story.  He wasn’t even what I would consider a main character, which is refreshing.
The darkness of this series is what really draws it to me, so far none of the female characters have been Mary Sues and everything is just a little off, like a nightmare…so just up my alley!
The reason I am not giving this five stars is because the main character, Ellie, was a pain in the ass. She was pretty cool at times, quiet with a mean streak, shy with a passionate edge… However she was also dumb and spends most of the book whining.
 She wants to run away and is saving money cause her life sucks so badly, which I understand…However she  shuts out her friends and is so scared of her Stepmom she doesn’t tell grownups how badly she is being treated. She pushes her friends away and treats them like shit; it is amazing they care for her at all afterwards.  She whines about her life, but aside from squirreling away money doesn’t actually do anything about it. When people offer to help her she brushes them off playing the I-am-so-alone card followed by the no-one-can-understand card. It really began to grate on my nerves after a while.
All in all I found this to be a dark, fun, fast paced read that I really enjoyed and cannot wait for Ruby’s story! If you haven’t read Nameless stop right now and do so, if you have then read this good sequel asap.
Bright Blessings and happy reading!