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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Lily's Rebirth by Angelina Kerner

TW: torture, kidnapping, gore, loss of voice 

This is a very different book than what I usually read from this author. 

It was dark fantasy, but also kind of light for this genre. I have for sure read dark fantasy and dark romance more intense than this. 

This read is fast paced and very plot driven and doesn't lack for excitement. It's not super smutty either, which is a nice change from other dark fantasy and dark romance I have read. 

The biggest compliment I can give for this story is:

This novel is all about  what happens when stories and fairytale lie to you and there is no prince to rescue you.

Four out if five stars because this genre is never going to be my favorite l, but this was an interesting book that kept my attention.