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Monday, December 5, 2016

ARC REVIEW: Love and Tumult by K. Kumar

Vik has just turned thirty, and after meeting with a friend, decides to make a change in his life. He takes a job as an auditor and moves to Africa. As part of his job, Vik travels to various countries in Southern Africa and meets with people affected by poverty and disease with the goal of examining whether foreign aid programs are effective. Against this backdrop, he falls for Latha. They work together and they form a relationship in the midst of a difficult assignment in Africa. This relationship eventually manifests into love and tumult.

This is a story about human relationships, discovery, and Africa. As Vic travels throughout the continent, he discovers the majesty of Africa, the beautiful landscape, the hospitality, and deeper truths about human struggles and the power of charity.

I received this novel in return for an honest review

This was an….interesting novel. I got through it fairly fast, thankfully I had a long wait at the eye doctor today. It’s not my normal cup of tea but I did enjoy many aspects.

Vik was easy to relate to, a guy looking for meaning in his life who decides to explore Africa and South America. I really like the portions describing his travels, the author did a lovely job putting the reader in the places Vik was going.

Latha I didn’t like as much, she was written beautifully, but it was too enforced that she was a mysterious and exotic lady. I think the character could have held that on her own without us constantly being reminded of it. Plus the romance between the two never really went anywhere.

I didn’t find the romance very believable and the plot got kind of lost, this was much more a travel book or fake memoir, in my opinion, than a fiction novel.

This novel was quite serious with few light moments- not a bad thing! Just something to consider.

There is some great writing in this book and I did enjoy reading about a place I rarely see in novels and will never see in real life.