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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Book of Beings by Liz Seach

What if your imaginary boyfriend got you pregnant--for real?

Seventeen-year old Manon knows she's not pregnant. After all, she's never had sex.
Except she is actually pregnant.

Nobody's roofied her. And probably there isn't a pervert on the loose hypodermically impregnating virgins. Manon's going to have to treat the whole thing as an act of God. Either that or an alien abduction. She can't decide which is more preposterous.

Whatever's happened, Manon may just as well give up her struggle to not be the weird girl at school. And she may as well give up on Elias, the mysterious boy who haunts her dreams.

Except it turns out Elias knows Manon's fantasies about him. In detail.

Like he's been inside her head while she's having them. . .

I was asked to review the Book of Beings by the author Liz Seach. I downloaded it while it was free.

I am not sure if I really liked this book or not.

The characters were good, the back ground was detailed, but not so much that I skimmed through it and the basic plot line was interesting. Also the cover is very pretty.

So basically a Very Virgin girl (with a super hymen!) gets knocked up by an imaginary BF… However the blurb of the book is a bit deceiving, at no time in this first section, of what is actually a three part series, does the MC mention having an imaginary boyfriend.

There is a creepy person semi stalking her (first person italics seem to suggest all in his own mind while watching our MC) with phrases like why doesn’t she recognize me? and did I miss read her signs as she lay under me, did I force myself on her, am I a monster? which will probably be revealed/explained in the later parts. I found the MC was not nearly as freaked out by her circumstances as say, I would have been. SAY WHAT? I am pregnant! Omg get-it-out NOW! I mean it could be a son-of-god moment or a horrible monster that will eat through your placenta and kill the world, right?

I enjoyed that when the author mentioned abortion she plays it cool and doesn’t go off on how wrong it is, the character just decides it is not for her, though her reasoning is a bit skewed I feel.

The background set of a girl basically on her own while she works at a Monastery her mother has joined was unique, and Manon’s (yup that’s the MC’S real name) best friend Amanda was a quaint breath of fresh air.

I had a real issue with how Manon figures out she is pregnant. She faints during what I would think is a fairly gruesome biology class and suddenly everyone is all OMG ur so preggo! You know, because there is NO other reason a girl would faint, right? I mean even the school nurse is all, “honey when was your last period, I think you’re in the family way
. I had a really hard time with the start of this novel because as a woman who has had two daughters and several miscarriages fainting is not JUST (or sometimes at all) a sign of being with child. It’s also a sign of low blood pressure, low blood sugar and a dozen other issues.
I also don’t like over romanticism of teen pregnancy, however maybe in the later parts the MC does get serious about the fact she is about the have a kid in high school with no real job or skills…Hopefully the author wrote a few realistic panic scenes about how much a kid costs to raise and how now she needs medical insurance.

However the basis of this series does intrigue me and I might buy the second set after pay day just to see how the story plays out.

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