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Friday, April 8, 2016

Spotlight Post: Lost Prophecy: Awakening by Kimberly Bernard

Summary:While enjoying a late-night romantic evening on a secluded beach in Cozumel,Mexico, Anthony and Vanessa Murphy make a startling discovery. A newborn baby boy, just inches from the water beckons for their embrace. They find a strange pictograph message in the baby’s hand along with a name written in the sand. Unable to decipher the pictograph meaning and their efforts to find the parents fail, they decide to take the baby back to the United States and raise him as their own. Fifteen years later, Nick Murphy is eager to celebrate his birthday because he will finally be eligible for a driving permit. In addition to the normal struggles of being a teenager, Nick hears a voice in his head. His parents think he has a mental disorder, but all the medicines and doctors have failed to cure him of the voice. On the day of his birthday, a mysterious pictograph card arrives in the mail, but Nick disregards it as a mistake. When he requests a copy of his birth certificate for the driving exam from his parents, he is surprised and upset that they are unable to produce the document. Under the impression that he was adopted, Nick is further mystified when his questions force his parents to confess the eerie truths surrounding his birth. After the enlightenment of his birth story, Nick remembers the pictograph card and believes it may be important after all. Nick is determined to reveal the truth about his parents and his identity. Could the voice in his head somehow be related to all of this? With only the pictograph messages as clues, he seeks the help of his high school history teacher, Mr. Walter Ambrose, to translate. Mr. Ambrose specializes in Egyptian history, so he is not able to provide much assistance. He informs Nick that the pictographs are Mayan and refers him to his friend,Dr. Elliot Shelton, an expert in Mesoamerican studies. Dr. Shelton eventually translates
the pictographs, but unbeknownst to Nick, Dr. Shelton’s motives are self-serving.

Nick’s parents sympathize with his desire to find answers and agree to a family vacation back to Cozumel over the Christmas holidays. In search of a man that they believe can help them solve Nick’s birth mystery, they meet his granddaughter, Roslyn. Roslyn informs the Murphys that her grandfather died recently and cannot help them. Desperate for anything
that will provide some answers, Nick requests Roslyn to give him a tour of the local Mayan ruins. At the ruins, Nick and Roslyn discover that the pictographs are the first clue to the salvation of the world and Nick is at the center of the mission. Through numerous clues and revelations, Nick and Roslyn embark on a journey to Belize, but quickly learn they are not alone. Professor Shelton and Mr. Ambrose believe that Nick’s pictographs could be the key to finding the lost city of Atlantis and are determined to solve the mystery before Nick. In Belize, Nick discovers he has a brother and despite the trial and tribulations ahead of them, they vow to continue on a global journey to save the world from uncertain doom.

Questions and Answers with the Author Kimberly Bernard
Where did you get inspiration for this book:
Before we had kids, my husband and I lived in the Nassau, Bahamas, home to the renowned Atlantis Resort. The imagination of the architect and Atlantean theme that encompasses the hotel peaked my interest. We've all heard the stories and myths around Atlantis, but what if I could make a work of fiction that might prove some of the plausible explanations about Atlantis. I immediately began reading books and theories about Atlantis and those theories are the foundation of the Lost Prophecy Series.
How many other novels have you written and what are they called:
Lost Prophecy: Awakening is the first novel I have completed. I have two other novels in progress to complete the Lost Prophecy Series.
What was the best and worst part of writing this book:
I excel at plot creation but my weakness has always been character development. The first draft of Lost Prophecy had the fast-paced plot I had intended, however, all my characters were bland, lacking distinction or definition. The best part of writing Lost Prophecy: Awakening was definitely creating the plot and the worst part was having to go back numerous times to make my characters interesting and unique.

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