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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Monsters Stole the Moon by LD Womack- Illustrated by Derek McKindles

Striking, charming fantasy art brings this modern retelling of a classic English fairy tale to life. After the moon learns that bogland monsters have been troubling humans while she sleeps, she vows to put a stop to it. But when she confronts them in their lair, the wicked creatures team up to trap her under the bog. With no moonlight to stop them, the monsters run wild in a neighboring village every night! It will take the combined efforts of a little boy, a wise woman, a courageous magpie and three of the bravest people in town to save the moon and end the monsters’ mischief once and for all! With some scary monsters and a few big words, this book is meant to be enjoyed by kids and parents together.

I received a copy of this novel in return for an honest review

I started reading this with a bit of bias. I know, personally, both authors. However the bias was not needed.

This is a brilliant children's book. Though children's book is a bit inaccurate- those like me who love dark creepy picture books like Edward Gorey will enjoy this much more so than the average child. Though my 12 year old thought it was pretty damn awesome. This story is little long and wordy to be read by any child under the age of ten and if you tried to read it to a child they might get distracted.

This story is a retelling of an English folk tale called The Buried Moon and is very accurate in it's retelling. There are all kinds of monsters in it, including a few American children might not know like bogles.

 The writing is beautiful, dark and alluring, the story well paced and interesting. The artwork is just amazing and you can buy prints of the original art work online.

So if like me you collect Gris Grimly books or have a fascination with Edward Gorey I would pick this novel up and add it to your macabre collection.

For Sale in Print (and eventually kindle)

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