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Monday, December 26, 2016

Fated Memories by Joan Carney

A woman, a war, a vision of the future past...

Burdened with the scars of a tortured childhood and a shattered romance, Kitty is being forced to resign from the dull, anonymous job she’s been hiding behind. With her life in shambles and her friends moving on without her, she jumps at her cousin, Maggie’s, invitation to visit. However, Maggie’s new boyfriend, Simon, has a secret that accidentally hurls the trio a hundred and fifty years into the past. Trapped in the midst of the bloodiest war in American history, the events that unfold will require more mettle than Kitty’s ever had.

I received a copy of this novel in return for an honest review.
This book is about a group of friends, Kitty, Mags and Simon who are transported into the time of the Civil War, while not my usual read the first thing I noticed was a lot of research went into this project.
This book was pretty good, it kept you guessing about what happens next and the author was not afraid to do bad things to her characters, which is recommended by great writers like Stephen King.

The characters could have used a little more development and as a warning to other readers there is a rape scene.
This book has a wonderful blend of romance, historical fiction and a little science fiction all rolled into one.

I’m not big on the civil war era, but the feel of the camp and time period seemed pretty accurate to me, plus Kitty’s relationship with Sam was very endearing. Over all there’s nothing to do but recommend this novel.

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