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Friday, July 17, 2020

Zombie Walkabout by Phillip Murrell

Thrill rides? Safari? A cruise? Why waste your time (and money) when the best way to spend your holiday is at ZOMBIE WALKABOUT!
Our staff has packages available for whatever your desire. Planning a memorable bucks party? Check. Want to pray for the souls of the victims? Check. Looking to retrieve medical samples for all the innovative research in zombie medicine? We have a lab on our premises! We can even set you up with a trip to visit the Aboriginal Australian tribes living among the dead.
But zombie hunting sounds dangerous! No worries. Our state-of-the-art armor combination is scientifically proven to keep you one hundred percent protected. Here at Zombie Walkabout, we pride ourselves on our flawless safety record. The only concern you'll have is how all subsequent holidays will never live up to this one!
So hurry up and commit, mate. Book this summer to meet American mix martial artist Sam "Pounder" Ponsness. This rising star will augment our staff for the season.
Zombie Walkabout. Where the dead give you a reason for living!

I have read many zombie novels, so I was hesitant reading this, would it be like every other zombie book?

The answer is no! This story was very pioneering for the genre. The idea of a business that specializes in taking tourists out into the outback to kill zombies ( bash ZB’’s) is interesting and funny.

It felt like it was a throwback to game hunters of old, while I don’t like the idea of that in general this was a way to get that Safari feel and not feel sorry for the “animals.”

The zombies weren’t particularly scary, but I am tired of the traditional raaaaawwwr zombie stuff, anyway.

The MC Sam, wasn’t a complex character, but he was a likeable one. The story really picks up when Sam decided to sign on with the company, though I did find the story a little slow throughout.

While funny, this is a darker book with strong language (I don’t mind that) and had a surprising love story, while also being almost a coming of age tale.

I found the writing good, the plot interesting, and unique. Also the cover art is great!  If you like zombie books and especially zombie video games I highly recommend it.

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