Review Policy- PLEASE READ ALL


Due to some SERIOUS abuse of my email being spammed by the same person Carol Martin for multiple book review requests there are a few new request guidelines. DO NOT SEND more than one email. If you have multiple novels you would like me to consider please put it all in ONE EMAIL.  Multiple emails will make me block you as I will assume you are a spambot or a company thinking they can get a quick review and carbon copying me on a huge list of reviewers.. Also if you want me to take your request seriously I need to know you read the rules. You must address me by my name: Renee.  

I will review any format of book:

Paper back
Hard Back

 I will review mainstream or self published. You will be responsible for actually getting me the book however. Review requests can be sent to:

Please just send me a brief synopsis of the plot, the book cover and I will let you know if I am interested, however I am very busy so if I don't respond take it as a no.

Reviews are not sugar coated and will include any art you send me in regards to the cover. I rate on a basic five star system and all reviews also appear on, twitter, blog lovin, pinterest and Haunted Grave's facebook page.


Being one of you I understand a negative review can have a pretty bad impact. If I do not like your book I will not post a review at all. I will not post lower than a 2.5 star review for any indie or self published novel. However if I didn't like your book I will email you that I cannot review it, if you ASK me to, I will post the negative review any way.

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