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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Killing Dance and Bloody Bones (Anita Blake #4,5) Laurell K Hamilton

Joint review, combined rating of 3/5 stars

 So I'm not sure I am really up to major reviews of Anita Blake books. So this is a combined review. I wanted to give it a try, but I have gotten tired of re reading her when I have so much good stuff in my to-be-read pile.

** spoiler alert **

Killing Dance
I basically enjoyed this book.

1) Anita being hunted by an assassin, pretty cool

2) Much Edward LOVE

3) Bad clothing like normal

4) Anita being a bitch, like normal

5) Werewolf drama- pretty cool

6) Necromancy awesomeness- Anita raising vampires is pretty cool, enjoyed the Sabin/Cassandra/Dominic thing even if it was predictble.

7) Robert dying and have to deal with Monica- blah who cares? Anita HATES this bitch.

6) The reason this book got two stars instead of three Anita freaking cheats on Richard and while they try to reason away why she sleeps with Jean Claude it's bull shit. "Oh no Richard shifted on top of me and ate Marcus!" Boo fucking who bitch. While I am pro vampire I have to say this was a shitty excuse to give into her va-jay-jay's whining about wanting Jean Claude’s tasty cock. Cause Jean Claude is a corpse, he drinks people's blood to survive and dies during they day. Plus Anita is a monster herself, I cannot STAND her self righteous bs
Bloody Bones


I loved that in this novel they go away from Saint Louis, and there are fairies and some pretty cool murders to solve.

I enjoy Larry, Jason and the sub characters like normal. I like Anita using her magic and the Bloody Bones story line while interesting could have been played up a bit.

My biggest issues were these:

1) Anita, she is obnoxious I mainly just want her to get her ass kicked and put in her place.

2)Clothing- blah not only is the fashion horrible but why do I need to read a break down of what everyone is wearing in every god damn scene and why do vampires have a fetish with leather, straps and looking like 90's prostitues or pirates?

3) Vampires- Why is these books are all the vampires sick and twisted nut jobs? They almost all have a love for fear, pain, torture, rape or some other sick nastiness. You're telling me that when you become a vampire it just twists you into a crazy lunatic that wants to hurt and fuck over everyone? Why can't we just have a normal non game playing vampire? For me this series is kind of anti vampire because all of them are made to be monsters. Even the "good" ones have severe issues.

I honestly think LKH has some issues that instead of dealing with she puts into her books, especially in regards to sex.

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