Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday!

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Top Ten Things That Make Me Want to Pick up a Book

1) The Cover- Yeah I know it's shallow...but if the cover is interesting I will read the back or inside cover flap automatically.

2) The review- again shallow, but I have a great bunch of gals and guys who write mag blogs and reviews... Sometimes I agree and something I do not...But the fact they took the time to review makes me think a bit.

3) The Genre- I am a YA, Sci-fi fantasy, romance whore...I don't tend to pick up a novel outside of those genre's unless they are recommended to me by someone I trust.

4) If it is a fairy tale retelling

5) If it involves Dracula, Elizabeth Bathory or Jack the Ripper

6) If it is Shakespeare from a different point of view, like Hamlet from Ophelia’s POV

7) If it is supposed to be scary, in that uncanny valley creepy haunted way

8) If it is dark and I mean seriously dark and evil…

9) If it involves mythology

10) If it is by an author I already love.

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