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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

TOP TEN TUESDAY- Books I read when I want something fun and light

This meme is hosted by the brilliant Broke and Bookish

This week we're picking our top ten books to read when you need something light and fun. I turn to these types of books when I am depressed or just am bored and frustrated with my TBR pile or Currently- Reading shelf. Now some of these might not be the definition of “light" or "fun" for you...But for me they are. They are easy reads that make me happy.

1)Dealing With Dragons by Patricia C Wrede- this whole series is great, about an
unconventional princess who would rather go live with dragons than marry a stuck up prince.

2) Harry Potter - I can re read this up until book four over and over again.

3) Little Women - a novel I have loved since I was 16....The story of these sisters is always a light hearted read for me, yes even with the tragedy.

4) The Witch of Blackbird Pond- I don't know why but I have always loved the story of exotic Kat coming to Puritan American and strirring up trouble.

5) 13th Child- Another Patricia C Wrede, I can't even explain this it is so awesome, it's a magical wild west book about a daughter who is a 13th child. There are three books in the series and they are all wonderful.

6) Jurassic Park - roar dinosaurs. Loved them as a kid. I have read this book over a dozen times. It still makes me happy, even though I have passages memorized.

7) Twilight Phantasies - the very first vampire paranormal romance I ever read back in the 90's. It is the first of the Wings in the Night series by one of my FAVORITE authors. Maggie Shayne...It's a little corny and traditional, but even after all these years I still love it.

8) The Babysitter's Club - I loved these when I was younger and am currently buying them well up to 100 for my eldest daughter. Sometimes when I just need something fun and simple I will pick up one of the Super Specials and give it a re read.

9) Zach's Law - this is the third in a old loveswept series by Kay Hooper. Some of the first romance novels I ever read. It's corny, basic and short but for me a fun and light read I have read over and over again throughout the years.

10) Dating Hamlet - This is a fun and silly retelling of Hamlet from Ophelia's POV. I've read it three times and I always love it. It makes me happy.

Well there you are the ten books I turn to when I want something light and fun to read. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Little Women!! I forgot about that one. Dealing with Dragons looks good, I've heard great things. Here is my TTT

  2. Oh gosh I haven't read a Babysitter's Club book in forever, I kind of miss them lol They use to be my absolute favorite as a kid, and they're what got me into reading in the first place.

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