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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Kalona's Fall by PC Cast and Kristin Cast

In KALONA'S FALL, the shadows in Kalonas past will finally come to light We will learn about the winged immortal's secret history and discover how he went from being the Goddess's Warrior and Guardian to her enemy and betrayer. Did Darkness taint Kalona as it did Neferet, or has the powerful immortal always preferred power over honor, and control over faith? This novella will be crucial to fans' understanding of Kalona, before his role in the explosive final installment of the House of Night, REDEEMED

I have been reading the HoN novels since they first came out. They get a lot of flack and grief from my fellow bloggers, but they are a guilty pleasure of mine, I quiet enjoy them. I have read the first three several times. Though I must admit that the last novel was a disappointment and I have not yet purchased Redeemed because Zoey being arrested left a sour taste in my mouth.

I have also really liked the little novella's showing insight into the grown ups. However, this novel was horrible.The art work was juvenile and if this book took more than a week to finish writing I would be surprised. The plot line was simplistic, though the magic descriptions were cool, and the characters annoying if not flat out stupid. If you have read these books then you know why Kalona was cast out, we don't need a whole Princess and the Pea type set up (Erebus and Kalona have to endure three trials to decide who should be Nyx Companion.) I already know Kalona is full of jealousy and anger, this novel didn't give him or Erebus any DEPTH! And Nyx acts so much like Zoey and a giggling school girl that I had a hard time seeing the great Goddess she is in the series.

There was no need for this novella to be written aside from the money it made the authors. I rolled my eyes so often that it took way longer than it should have for me to finish it. The only good thing about this book were the magic descriptions, the cats and the fact it gave me another book to add to my good reads reading challenge.

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