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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Haunted October- The Feeding by Amy Lukavics

There’s something deadly creeping in the woods outside of the small, sleepy town of Willows. Something with eight legs, sharp fangs and a connection to a local man who died years ago. It needs to feed, and new-to-town Craig is about to find himself on the menu

This is a short online story that Amy Lukavics wrote. It is very much worth the read this Halloween. Especially if you fear spiders. 

I don't like spiders, in general. They are skittery many-legged horrors that you find in weird places suddenly and without notice. I had a rule: if they are outside I leave them alone, but if they come into the house they die. In fa,ct someone spider corpses stay on the wall a week as a warning to other spiders.

So reading this was a bit difficult as it made my skin crawl and I felt really bad for the kid; Craig.

If you are afraid of clowns and spiders you may want to stay far away from this one...or maybe you will want to delve in...Scaring yourself is half the fun.

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