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Created with love in 2013

I haven't always loved books. In fact, I hated to read until about fifth grade. I struggled to find books I liked and actually wanted to read. The books I did like were simple, Sweet Valley Kids, A children's version of Dracula (which I read about a dozen times in the fourth grade), Kate's Book (inspiring my love of covered wagon trains), Witch of Black Bird Pond, Genie, and the Witches Spell, Babysitter's Club and only a handful more. I would rather have been playing with my Barbie Dolls or riding my bike.

That is until I read Jurassic Park at the end of my fourth-grade year. It has been my favorite book this whole time. It is what gave me a love of reading and to this day I am rarely found without a book. My purse requirement is that it hold a hardback book, with room for all mt other junk.

Some of my reviews are harsh, but please keep in mind that it is simply MY opinion of said book and other readers may feel differently. For every book there are good and bad reviews if you do not like something I have said simply move on, it is quite easy to do so. Trolls will not be accepted in the comments of this blog, literary discussion, sure, but trolling just to tell me how wrong I am, how I didn't read the book right, or bringing in personal things about my life will not be tolerated. I want this to be a safe and fun environment so all comments are moderated and sock puppets and trolls will not be permitted to spread vile here.

2016 Edit: I started this blog in 2013 and some of the reviews are even older than that, copied from my good reads account and before I had done more than dip my toe into the world of publishing. As of 2015, my policy is to have at least one positive thing in every review, even if I hated the book. As an author, I understand how hurtful bad reviews can be so I apologize for any offense. I applaud anyone who puts their words to print, whether I enjoyed their novel or not. I know my own work is not perfect so I do try to not review based on grammar or punctuality.  

I do use profanity so if you are easily offended I would steer clear of my reviews. 

After going back and re-reading some of my older reviews I have put up warnings about trigger words like slut and how I no longer use that language if I can help it. 

I have grown as a reader, reviewer, and writer, hopefully, that is kept in mind as you follow me on this journey. 

With that said I hope you enjoy The Haunted Grave Books and that you find new novels here you might have otherwise not read.