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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

All Together Dead- Charlaine Harris (Sookie #7)


Okay so book 7, All Together Dead….. Probably one my favorite books in this series. I enjoyed the plot line and the sub plots. I like it when Sookie gets out of Bon Temps, especially some place exciting where there is a lot going on. Vamp politics, drama, murder, mayhem.

Some points I thought should be touched on.

1) In The Dallas book Eric makes it pretty clear that vampires being in love, having sex and staying together for long periods of time is considered perverse. However in later books Miss Harris obviously did not go back and re read. In the last book and this book we see many breaks in this rule, is it possible only ERIC finds it perverse? Sophie/Hadley, Sophie/Andre, Russell/His new boyfriend, the list goes on and on.

2) This book takes place in 2006/2007. Sookie is just now getting a cell phone, learning to text and using a computer. She is a young woman who graduated high school, probably in the last ten years; it is completely unbelievable that she is that technology retarded.

3) Sookie is the most judgmental bitch on the planet. For someone who is so sensitive about how others treat her she is just as bad. In this book she mentions that Johan is reading. Now we have found out by now that Johan is a bad guy working for the queen. Fine, this does not mean that he is reading books about Jack the Ripper or dissection. He could be reading a sci fi novel for Goddess sake. Sookie makes it sound like normal people could not enjoy this type of reading. This is personally offensive to me. Also she treats Carla, who she shares a room with, like she is a whore and labels her “arm candy.” Just because she is a vampire’s girlfriend but she’s totally human and she dresses skanky. Well from the way I look at it, Sookie is just as much a whore; she is getting paid to pimp out her talents, yes? Carla might die, but Sookie is constantly getting beat up, almost raped and forced into situations she hates.

4) Quinn- I just do not see the point in this character. At the beginning of this novel they have sex, after all that nagging Sookie does about how she wants to wait. Uh… You have been on one date, kidnapped, some phone calls and slept (real sleep) together once…. Wow, that’s SO much better. And now we find out he has a co dependant sister and a crazy mama… Sookie attracts drama like a soap opera. (And not in a good way.)

5) Barry the Bellboy- I enjoyed the addition of this character. Fun little telepath boy, who seems, funnily, to have it more together than Sookie….Huh…

6) Ok…. So Andre wants to share blood with Sookie so he will have a bond with her, giving the Queen a bond with her. Eric swoops in and saves her, she takes his blood instead (the magical number three apparently). Sookie does nothing for the rest of this book but bitch moan and complain about how now Eric makes her feel less stressed, less anxious, happier, calmer… Well guess what honey thousands of people in America take anti depression and anti anxiety medication with nasty side effects to feel just like that. Get over yourself! Just relax it’s not horrible for someone to make you feel better. It actually sounds nice. Plus you like Eric, he’s funny, awesome, listens when you speak and bails you out of trouble. Could be worse.

7) The bomb at the hotel- some of this author’s finest writing and ideas appear in this book. Sookie helping save vamps and people in true hero fashion. The scene where she rescues Eric and Pam, Quinn and his sister and Bill (unfortunately) all is really excellent. I applaud that Sookie does not get beat up or almost raped either.

8) Sookie- is a mean nasty bitch. Instead of getting on a nice plane and going home she borrows Quinn’s sister’s car and drives home because she doesn’t want to deal with the vampires. C’mon, she went there willingly, no one really hurt her, she’s gonna get paid for it. Suck up the pride and take the comfy airplane.

9) Tara and J.D getting married… Ummmm… can we say stupid, random and so not important? We can? Well can you say it five times fast cause that’s what it felt like reading it.

Hmmmm…Over all not bad, better than some of others by far. Hope you enjoyed my snarky tude. On to the next!

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