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Thursday, May 16, 2013

From Dead to Worse- Charlaine Harris (Sookie 8)


From Dead to Worse….. Let me start out with the fact that I hate that Charlaine Harris feels the need to sum up at the start of novels, and when she introduces characters we’ve seen before she uses the cut and paste option to tell us EXACTLY what we’ve read two or three times before Bubba. Anyone who picks up book number 8 and hasn’t read the first seven are just dumb and do not deserve the sum up. We all know what happened, can’t we just move on?

The summary, the first almost four pages, kind of set the mood for the whole damn book. I felt that this was a filler book. Written only to bring Eric and Sookie closer, get her beat up again and to dump Quinn since he’s a stupid character any way. This book mainly just tried to cram as much drama bull into 359 pages.

So here are the honorable and dishonorable mentions.

1) 9 pages in we have to see Sookie in another dog ugly outfit, trying to tell herself she’s not a slut and listen to her vanity kick in.

2) 19 pages in we see, again, what a total Douche Bill is. He comes up the stairs where she is changing into a Bridesmaid dress and says, “I would give anything to lie with you again.” Riiiiiight, so it isn’t her stellar personality or the fun you guys had together that makes you beg for her back and spout devotions of love… It is the fact that Bill, like most men, is addicted to Sookie’s magical va-jay-jay. And the most super douchy thing? Bill’s current girlfriend is outside the door listening, and he KNOWS it. LAME

3) First good point. The introduction of Sookie’s great grandfather Niall. Probably one of the better characters in the series, let alone this trash heap called a novel. Niall, and Niall alone prevents this from getting a one star rating.

4) Blah blah blah, from 19 to 221, Quinn’s sad pathetic family baggage, the fact that Las Vegas vamps are coming to take over Louisiana… Whooopppeeee! Or not :( We find out that Quinn has betrayed them cause his crazy mom got him into trouble and now the vamps are serving under a new king. I do regret Sophie dying, she was cool.

5) Page 221, Sookie dumps Quinn, granted I think the reason is stupid, “I wanna be first, your mom and sister are weak and you’ll always be rescuing them.” Ummm Pot calling kettle black? How many times has Sookie’s dumb ass needed saving? Moan, bitch, whine (The only things she is good at) But, Quinn is a lame character, the author only introduced him as another penis to test the waters of Lake Stackhouse and then promptly tossed him on his fine tiger arse.

6) Next up, no Southern Vampire novel could be complete without Jason acting like a fucktard. He and Cyrstal get married (after finding out she was knocked up) and Jason arranges Sookie and Calvin to find out that Crystal is cheating. This leads to a ritual where the couple’s stand ins (ie Calvin and Sookie) have to do what needs to be done, in this case Sookie breaking Calvin’s fingers. This was friggin pointless crap… And really ALL that happened between 221 and 304.

7) Between 304 and the 359 it’s mainly just the new vampire king becoming indebted to Sookie, some Eric flirting and Sookie’s normal crappy cleaning, sunbathing and bad fashion taste. However I realized I lied….. Niall and Hunter are the only reasons this book got two starts. Sookie finds out Hadley had a son, Hunter, when she meets him she finds out he is a telepath too… It is adorable.

Well that’s it… Pretty much a tie for me which was worse, Dead Until Dark, Club Dead or this thing here. Hope you enjoyed!

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