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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday- Authors Who Need More Recognition

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by the brilliant Broke and Bookish This week I am show casing ten authors who deserve more recognition. 

1.) Patricia C Wrede- her novels include the Dealing With Dragon series and the Frontier Magic series. The author creates brilliant characters, many of which are strong and powerful females and her world building skills are amazing. 

2.) Robin D Owens- her Celta books are full of great characters, magic, talking animals, sentient houses, science fictions and old world religion. Her world building and the creation of a unique caste system based on level of flair is really creative and inspiring. 

3.) P.N. Elrod- Not only is she a great author of the the Vampire Files, but she is truly a nice person. She writes good old fashion vampires who don't sparkle but turn crispy in the sun. Her sense of humor is dry and stories imaginative. 

4.) Simon R Green- The Nightside anf Ghost Finder novels blend the lines between creepy and fantastical. He is a word genius that can make me awed or scared at his descriptions, characters and story lines.

5.)Amanda Ashley- one of the pioneers of the paranormal romance genre. Old school vampires and dark poignant romances litter her novels.

6.) Maggie Shayne- another paranormal romance pioneer. I have been reading her series Wings in the Night since the early 90's. She is also a pagan high priestess and loves to write using mythology and witch craft. 

7.) Suzanne Weyn- If you haven't then rush out and gobble up the Once Upon a Time series, it is written by several people but Ms. Weyn has written some of the BEST stories in the collection. Her other books are not my style however. 

8.) Scott Cunningham- a great pagan non fiction author. If you are thinking of following the pagan path you can do no better than to read his books first.

9.) Lisa Klein- She has written four or five novels, I have only enjoyed Ophelia and McBeth's Daughter, but her knack for historical writing sewn together with emotions and reality is pretty awesome. 

10.) Ellen Schreiber - She writes fun, easy, simple novels. Her vampire kisses series is one of my favorites, even though it feels a bit immature. I always have a fun time reading from this author. 


  1. Lost of unknown names here for me. Although Dealing with Dragons has been on my to-read list for a while. I'll look it up. My TTT

  2. I have some Wrede books - I'll have to give them some serious thought!

  3. Patricia C Wrede is an amazing writer. Ellen Schreiber's series is still one I need to look into. Thanks for stopping by my Top Ten.


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