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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wishing Stars- Nenia Campbell

 So I read Wishing Stars for three reasons. One, because I got it for free, two, because I LOVE fairy tale retelling and three, because Nenia is a friend and I like supporting Indie Authors.

This was a novella, a short story collection full of tiny space operas. It was a fast and easy read full of interesting characters, creative beings, places and good writing.

I am not a big short story person….This collection reminds me why, while I enjoyed the stories, most ended too abruptly for me and I wanted more from each of them.

The Spoilers Ahead are only telling what fairy tale I believe is being retold. Oh and I could have done without the poems, though they were well written.

Deep Blue Nightmare

A Blue Beard retelling and quite ingenious, while I found the ending to be a bit rushed, this one finalized in a way that satisfied me.

Clockwork Roses

A really fantastic reverse gender roles Sleeping Beauty retelling. Marred only by the ending that didn’t feel…finished.

Quantum Diamond

Rumpelstiltskin retelling, I think. Again, non traditional gender roles, which I like and what the guy asks to be made is quite non traditional. However this time the ending felt a bit too easy and all sewn together without enough oomp.


My least favorite story in this collection, though still good. I really like the author’s writing, the descriptions and aliens are really unique! I have NO idea what fairy tale this is…The ending was a bit confusing.

Blood of My Blood

Snow White retelling, and SO GOOD, probably my favorite story of the book, gruesome and almost disgusting in a good way…though the rape scene I could have done without.…However, again…the ending felt rushed and unfinished and I would have liked more.

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