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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Top Ten Book I was "Forced" to Read

Top Ten is hosted by http://brokeandbookish.blogspot.com

This week we are featuring books you were forced to read, either by other people, teachers etc…etc.. Now by “forced” you all know that unless it was school I didn’t HAVE to read these, so before I offend anyone please note I read most of these by recommendation. Lol or very insistently urged. Now I am not listing these because I enjoyed them (though some I did) I am listing them because they made the most impact.

Lolita by Valdmir Nabokov- my fiancĂ© made me read this. It wasn’t half bad if you don’t mind a sensual and beautifully written story about an older man having sexual relations with a 13 year old. I also got really BORED.

The Handmaidens Tale by Margaret Atwood This was a pretty good story, if you don’t know what it’s about I can’t really explain it. My fiancĂ© made me read this and in exchange he read Little Women. I got a tiny bit bored and the ending was a little disappointing. But a good read.

To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee Forced to read this Junior year… Is still one of my very favorite books. Can you say Atticus?

Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry I was forced to read this Sophomore year in high school. Ugh, so boring. It all takes place in the same house. I know it’s a classic but I just couldn’t enjoy it.

The Summer of my German Solider by Bette Greene I was forced to read this Junior year in HS. It wasn’t a bad tale about a Jewish girl who finds a German Soldier (possibly a Nazi) and makes friends with him (hints of other things) but it was WAY to below my reading level to be a challenge.

The City of Dreaming Books by Walter Moers A book about talking dinosaurs who love literature? This book was awesome! Thanks Boo for making me read it!

The Crucible by Arthur Miller Forced to read this Sophomore year…Not half bad…though I wanted to smack most of the characters by the end. Nothing quite like a dramatization of the Salem Witch Trials to make you interested and a little uncomfortable

Romeo and Juliet My first introduction to Shakespeare, Freshman year. Don’t care for this story, but I have loved the BARD every since.

Naked in Death by J.D. Robb My little sister bought the first five of these books and hated them. She pushed them on me telling me I would enjoy them and she was right! I still read this series eagerly. It’s about a kick ass female cop in New York in the year 2050. There is action, mystery, love, friendship, humor great plot….I can’t gush enough about how great this series is.

The Pearl by John Steinbeck Forced to read this in school. I am from CA so we read a TON of Steinbeck and I hate all of it. This one left a particularly bad taste in my mouth. But hey if you like depressing stories where nothing good happens and it shrouded in misfortune, go for it.

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  1. I was forced to read Romeo and Juliet as well. The good thing is that the teacher made us purchase a ''translation'' guide. I couldn't believe all the sexual content ;)


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