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Friday, December 4, 2015

ARC Review The Midnight Stand (The Elysia Saga Book 1) by Louis A. Affortunato

They were able to transform the world in a matter of years. They molded it to their will and created a new world order. It happened so fast no one had a chance to stop it. The ones who cared could only stand by and watch as all traces of the old world began to disappear piece by piece.

They are the Council and they will stop at nothing to fulfill their plan, even if that means murder.

Now the only man left of that previous world is Harley Jacobs and when he receives a letter from the Council telling him to vacate his home he must make a decision that will change his life forever. Does he protect his family and leave or does he stay and make one last stand against the people that took everything away from him?

The first part in a multi-book series, The Midnight Stand introduces us to a harrowing view of a not too distant future that raises the question of what it truly means to be an individual.
I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review.
First off this book wasn't really my cup of tea. That said, the writing is great and the story is very intense. The MC Harley Jacobs is a great character well written with a powerful back story including some trigger warnings for pregnancy loss. The story moves between past and present in  a very smooth way. The descriptions were very realistic and I don't know...can I over use the word intense?
This novel was very dystopian, but in more of a Fahrenheit 451 then Divergence kind of way. I mean the story starts out with a man waiting with a shotgun to be evicted from the house his grandfather made! The Council is a non traditional but effective villain and this book really delves into the question about how much is too much government power.
I would have liked more about Sara and Jasper and honestly really don't care for dystopian in general. However this book is a well paced novel with the right amount of action. Do I think it needs to be a series? No, the plot is good enough this could have been one whole novel....Though I may have to get the second *sigh*.
So if you were a fan of 1984 or Fahrenheit 451 I recommend buying and reading this book.

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