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Monday, December 7, 2015

I Keep My True Love in the Basement by Alexander Engel-Hodgkinson

A woman is resurrected as a clone of her former self by her obsessive husband... but why? And what happened to her original self? Is she a prisoner in his home, or are things the way they used to be? She also begins to wonder: what is her true purpose, and why is she still alive?

I received this novella in return for an honest review.

First off let me say the word clone is misleading, this is an android made to look and act like his wife, not a clone grown from organic material. However, this does not detract from the story, or the creepy scene where the MC (Franklin) boots up his wife look a like. I mean seriously, how much of a creeper would you have to be to make an android that looks like a wife that left you and act just like she never did....eeeeewwww.

This is a cyberpunk style story, so it takes place in the future with androids, machines and holographs very much the norm and the government in control of EVERYTHING. 

I had a bit of trouble with the fact that the new Elsa would follow a strange voice down into the dark, even with all of old Elsa's memories she knows she is a replacement, I figured she would act more frightened, more child like. 

This novel is deliciously dark, Franklin is described perfectly as a crazy mad man, a true sicko. There is a warning at the start that says this is a violet novel not meant for under 14 and while I sort of agree with that it was nearly as gruesome or violent as I thought it would be.....Hunger Games is just as violent with kids killing kids. 

This does not end happily ever after, don't read this if you want a feel good story. Read this because it is dark and enjoyable and a little disturbing.

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  1. The author saw this and posted the review on his facebook, he really appreciates your critique. Just thought you should know.


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