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Friday, January 22, 2016

ARC Review: A Smattering of Darkness by Alisha "Priti" Kirpalani

I received a copy of this novel in return for an honest review.

A collection of short stories of varying lengths encapsulating the grey shades of the human psyche. A riveting and deep journey into the minds of a terminally ill man, a battered wife, a mysterious teacher amongst other flawed but ever so human protagonists. Surprise endings, cheeky resolutions and thought provoking finales are characteristic of this anthology. Ranging from one line to full length, each story leaves a lingering impact that resonates long after the page is turned

True the to blurb this is a novella full of short stories. It was an enjoyable, albeit short, read. The writing is good, in some parts the imagery is painful and beautiful. Though some of the stories could have a little more meat to them to make them have more impact, some of the shorter ones seemed more like ideas for stories than actual stories. 

My main complaint is the book cover, the author needs to re think it. I feel this book would have a much better effect with some dark and beautiful cover art. 

There are trigger warnings for cancer, domestic violence, suicide and infidelity. These stories are not happy ones. Though a few are, as the synopsis says: cheeky and mysterious.

My favorite story was The Fable of Fallibility, I really enjoyed it, dark without being too depressing. Unwanted and Unloved are deep characters. 

 In the last chapter : Shortest there is a line I adore:

 It was the last human heart. They did not know what it was. On it they stepped, as the last tears ever, were wept.

The stories in this collection make you think, and make you feel, which is all anyone can ask of from a book...really.  Support this author, buy and enjoy this novella.

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