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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Books where I like the Bad Guys almost (or) more than the heroes

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish. This week was a freebie, so I chose books where I loved the bad guy. Now I am including anti-heroes in this list.

1) The Savages- a family of cannibals. While the novel was funny, they are a family who kill and eat people.

2) Merricat Blackwood- If I give it away it will ruin the book :)
3) Dracula 

4) Lestat- Because Louie totally paints him as a villain in Interview with a Vampire

5)Ridley Duchannes

6) Lea and Mab - Harry's Godmother and Queen of the Unseelie Court

7) Edward- in fact can we just get a series about him and scrap Anita?

8) Bloody Mary- was ANY one else more interested in her than the annoying girls that summoned her?

9) Hannibal Lecter

10)  Algaliarept (Al or Gally)


  1. Silence of the Lambs is awesome. I have yet to read anything by Shirley Jackson, but have her novel The Haunting of Hill House on my reading wishlist.

    1. The Haunting of Hill House is one of my favorites, thanks for stopping by!

  2. I think I'm way to chicken for these kind of books... I usually read at night so I try to choose "happy" books :') lol I'm a chicken. I don't like scary movies either.

    Hope you enjoy them all though! Actually a few sound quite nice (for the genre)

    Laura @ psilovethatbook

  3. Ok...I totally agree with you about scraping Anita. I read the first 8 and would like to continue, but Anita kept getting more and more out of hand and I don't know if I will ever pick them back up. Love your blog layout by the way!

  4. I have to agree with 'Beautiful Creatures'; really need to finish that series sometime... Great Top 10 list! :)


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