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Friday, October 14, 2016

Author Spotlight: Nara Duffie- The Monster Realm

Todays' author Spotlight is on a young author named Nara Duffie. She has written two books; The Monster Realm and The Three Worlds. Both books were published before she turned 13 and are marketed towards Middle School readers.

The Monster Realm
Medusa aimed her poisoned arrow right at Lillian ...

Lillian always loved stories about myths and monsters--until she found herself inside one, fighting for her life!

Joined by her best friends, Katy and Maisy, Lillian must cross a sea guarded by Krakens and sirens, race through a dark forest haunted by elves and chimeras, and cross mountains ruled by griffins and rocs.

Where in this world is Lillian's sister? Who is the mysterious boy with the stone medallion? Why do the monsters hold an ancient grudge against humanity? And what is the secret hiding at the heart of it all?

The Three Worlds
Lillian and her best friends, Katy and Maisy, barely survived their first adventure in the Monster Realm. Now they have only days to stop a war between the worlds, a war in which the mythical creatures of Lanodeka plan to reclaim the earth as their own.

But this time, the girls have to face more than dragons and griffins, sirens and elves, rocs and harpies. They discover the real power behind the war, a power that is using the Creation Stone to build an army unlike anything they could have imagined.Worlds are about to change.

If you would like to purchase or peruse her novels further, you can find them here: They are both available in ebook and paper back, on amazon and barnes and noble



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