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Monday, April 15, 2013

Burnt Offerings- Laurell K Hamilton (Anita Blake 6)

Burnt Offerings

*Spoiler Alert*

Burnt Offerings is one of my favorite Anita Books.

First because it has a plot that takes us a bit away from the Richard/Anita/Jean Claude drama threesome shit.

1) The council- the council comes to visit and while yeah they are a bunch of sadistic fuckwads their characters are pretty cool, The Traveler, Padma, Warrick, and you meet Asher, with whom I am besotted. I despise how LKH twists his character into something unrecognizable

2) The fire bug- this was much better than the normal gruesome murders that happen and you can tell LKH did her research about what happens to buildings when they put fires out and the kind of equipment needed to go into a place that is water logged.

3) Anita taking charge of the wereleopards and basically rescuing Richard’s wolves since he’s off being a pouty baby and Sylvie is strong but not strong enough. I like her taking charge as Lupa.

4) Ronnie dating Louie- this is cool but it foreshadows the issues that Ronnie is beginning to have with Anita’s life style and we see a dwindle of Anita’s normal human friends

5) Where is Anita’s job at animators inc? Where is her zombie raising? You see Larry briefly, but come on I like her death magic!

So I didn’t have as many issues with this, the clothing wasn’t as bad, though I think LKH must have stock in Nike. barf Sex is minimal but decent and it ends rather well.

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