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Friday, February 22, 2013

Circus of the Damned (Anita Blake 3)-Laurel K Hamilton


** spoiler alert ** I am not really sure where to go with Circus of the Damned, honestly… Aside from it being not really memorable here is what stood out the most

1) Larry- wow there is a TON for foreshadowing to what a d-bag he will turn into. Especially if you have read the REST of this series.

2) Richard- see, I liked Richard at first, it really is too bad what happens to him. Though Anita needs to learn to reel in her judgmental ass faceness. She doesn’t want to date monsters… Says the Necromacing Zombie Queen. I really hate this aspect. And Richard? He knows she is bad ass and doesn’t want protecting but still tries to.

3) Feminism- Anita Blake is the worst sort of feminist. The one who doesn’t want her door opened or her dinner paid for. It doesn’t make her a strong woman; it makes her a BITCH. He isn’t being a jerk and thinking you can’t do it yourself chica. HE IS BEING A GENTLEMAN. Barf she bugs me. Okay so you kick ass…. Stop thinking everyone thinks you can’t handle yourself.

4) Jean Claude- Ooookkkkaaaayyyy so Anita is a Necromancer, got it….. But I cannot figure out why he is so into her? She is irritating, tries to kill him and aside from some lustful thoughts, not interested. And honestly? Aside from zombie raising, working out and killing things coffee and penguins has no personal interests and it basically boring.

5) Oliver and his people. This could have been awesome. He is a bad assed villain and his troupe is decent as well. However LKH does not even bring in this great bad guy until page 208 and honestly, he tricks Anita easy and then dies even easier. It is almost too half assed. We have two vampire killings with one rising nastily and it is so back story I wanted to laugh. This book was so all over the place!

6) The end- okay check list. Halloween check Cool costumes check magic check gruesome goreche------WAIT, WHAT?. Yeah you heard me. Anita slugs through meat and flesh ripping Oliver’s throat out and then does the same to Alejandro’s chest. riiiiiiggggghhhhhttt First off, human fingers are not sharp enough and even with three vampire marks, does LKH understand how long it would take and to get to someone’s spine and tear it out? Or get through ribs to the heart? and who stands there while that happens? Are you telling me with three marks she is faster than a million year old vampire? And did she know how much force/pressure and strength you would really need, especially with human fingers? Ridiculous.

So well… that’s it. I didn’t really care for this book. Way to much crap and not enough interest. So what, do you ask, is the reason behind three stars and not two?

One word EDWARD

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