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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Laughing Corpse- Laurel K Hamilton


** spoiler alert ** Okay so Laughing Corpse…..
Still about a 3 star book. I enjoyed the zombies, the Animators Inc stuff. I liked that there was no sex, barely anything between her and Jean Claude (though it was funny when she had to eat her words and ask him for help lol). I liked the comedy club and Anita being really upset about her penguins getting gore on them. All the in-between stuff and even the crime plot with the evil wheel chaired villain and bad guy Voodoo priestess was pretty awesome.
LHK knows how to write an interesting posse for her MC characters. Or at least she did, new books, not so much….. But it is Anita that in this day and age I have a problem with. She totally gets on Manny’s case about the Human Sacrifice thing even though Manny was a different person and it was twenty years ago. Cut him some slack?! And does Anita every apologize for being a bitch after she does it ( who CARES about why) nope, nada. How often do we even see this Oh-So-Important character again (the man who taught her all she knew?) ? Like barely at all.
I think if they are not a paranormal character LKH just feels no use for them and they drop out of the series without even a decent goodbye scene Except Ronnie, whom she turns into a bitch which SUCKS Seriously by the end of the series how many human normal friends does Anita have: Three, Dolph and their relationship status changes like the wind, Zerbrowski, and Edward not exactly normal.
So yes, again I have to say as a grown up woman I find that Anita herself is the BIGGEST problem in this series. She is judgmental, has bad fashion taste, is morally righteous, throws away her female friends like toilet paper and has low self esteem that is really forced just to make the reader like her and sympathize with her….it’s ridiculous….. OMG!!! I think she and Sookie Stackhouse must be twin sisters separated at birth! BARF.
Without this character, or if we changed her up a bit (while yes I do appreciated the feminist output in this series it feels almost unnatural and some of it just makes Anita a bitch and stupid) this series would be pretty damn awesome.

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