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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Club Dead (Sookie Stackhouse 3)- Charlaine Harris


2016 Edit: I use the word slut in this review, negatively. In the past few years I have changed quite a bit. I try to not judge a woman by how many sexual partners she has had: her body, her business. I also try not to use slut in a negative way . I won't edit the review because it is who I was more than four years ago, but I did want to put in this notation as a warning. I do wish the author had allowed Sookie to embrace her sexual escapades rather than slut shame other women and make Sookie so hypocritical. Thanks.

So Club Dead huh? About on par with Dead Until Dark in how much it sucked. Granted the ERIC/SOOKIE stuff is awesome, he really wants her, blood, body, love and he is pretty good to her. The plot line wasn’t that bad either, Bill gets kidnapped and everyone must go find him. Though in this series there is a lot of kidnapping. Time for Charlaine Harris to step it up a notch, really. This book was hard for me to read, even as a third time re read, mainly because I am intolerant of cheating and this book hit a little too close to home for me. So some things that really stood out.

1) Bubba- I love this character, adore in a cute puppy kind of way. Pretty much one of the best characters in this series.

2) Alcide- can we say d-bag any clearer. Blah, big pussy werewolf. I HATE this character. His sister was more interesting.

3) Sookie- SLUT! And not just a normal slut, but a slut pretending to be moral. Just own it girl friend, your vag likes action and you can’t say no! :P

4) The gravel drive way- Leave it to ERIC to re gravel the drive way because he thinks Sookie should be taken care of. That is so romantic, especially when loser Bill couldn’t even be bothered to think of it, he’s too wrapped up in his sex addiction to Sookie, getting tail from evil vampiresses and his super special vampire “project.”

5) In like the first chapter Sookie drives by the Bellefleur’s big ole house to see all the renovations that Bill has “paid for.” She is bitter about it, but would NEVER ask for money because she doesn’t want to be his “kept” woman. Blech! Who the hell keeps around a boyfriend that won’t take care of you? I mean, at least a little. In my book he owes her, how many times has she been beat up since meeting this loser? At least Edward bought Bella a damn car, and offered to pay for college.

6) Not only does Loser Vampire Bill cheat on Sookie, like hard core cheat, but he also wasn’t even going to be decent about the dump. He pretty much had decided to pay her off like a whore. I mean Eric and Pam have to tell her, “Yeah honey, not only did he lie about where he was…but he was screwing someone else and planning to break up with you.” I mean wow! I know the author was breaking them up to give the plot some punch and make way for the ERIC/SOOKE snog fest that I appreciated….but c’mon, this could have been written much better.

7) Sookie- again- Is really quite full of herself for a young woman wearing a Christmas sweater. If I have to read about her tan once more I will chuck the book at the wall. Also, this is like the fourth time Sookie has mentioned that if she and Bill could get married, but they can’t it’s not legal and then…. It’s not like he’s asked me. Even after she finds out what a cheating bastard he is.

8) The rape scene. Sookie and Bill get trapped in a trunk, he attacks her, first feeding off her and then fucking her. It is not nice and she does not want it. Sure he feels bad but my issue is this. He cheated, he raped her. Why the hell does she let him touch her after this? He brushes her hair, holds her, even kisses her a little and she allows it! More like she’d be traumatized and wish him to hell. Sure she may still be in love with him, but please, it would take weeks if not months and severe therapy to get over her trust issues with him. The fact that she can be comfortable in his presence after everything he’s done just shows the author must not have had anything close to this really happen. It is almost insulting.

9) The end- YAY! Finally Sookie gets a back bone. She kicks both the vampires out and laughs about it. It is the first Sookie-healthy thing she does in the whole damn book.

So I knew I wasn’t going to review this well. It has been one of my least favorite in this series (well until the last like two) but there were some redeeming parts. I still can’t believe how much I used to love this series though. I find it hard to relate to the MC, though they are a fairly fast, fun, easy read.

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  1. I agree with everything you said, but I can't stop reading this series because of Eric. Good thing there is only one book left I haven't read. I am a new follower to your blog. Please follow me back at sychofaeriesbookobsession.blogspot.com Thanks!


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