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Friday, February 22, 2013

Dead to the World (Sookie Stackhouse #4)-Charlaine Harris


** spoiler alert **

I have decided to give Dead to the World four stars. It is my favorite book in this series. Yeah, I know there are still some serious problems, which I shall address later, but mostly I love Eric, which is no secret. He is great, memory or no memory. He is protective, funny and seems to care about what happens to Sookie more than Bill ever did. I also enjoyed the sub plot of this book where Jason is kidnapped by a were-panther, though I feel this is a Harris stand by. I loved that the Jason plot had nothing to do with the Eric versus Witches storyline. It brought out some new interesting characters.

Now good and bad things that stood out to me the most in this book.

1) Charlaine Harris writes the world’s worst sex scenes :” breasts quivering like puppies wanting to be petted” and “Mr. Happy Ummm in what universe are these sexy time phrases?

2) While there is a thank you in the beginning to Wiccans who helped her with this book, as a Pagan myself, I was offended by her portrayal of magic workers.

3) Sookie, I cannot say enough how much I loathe her character. In this one particularly, even her brother has to look after her best interests because she is too stupid to do so. For Goddess sake, Jason bargains with the vamps to pay her, as broke as she is always complaining she is one would think she would have thought of this herself.

4) Alcide- I truly despise this character. He is just someone the author added to show us that Sookie’s thoughts are almost always sex related and she has something about her that makes every man want to be with her. He is stupid and irritating; he takes back the bratty Debbie Pelt which proves he likes his women either a) dumb and blonde or b) mean and brunette.

5) Once more I had to read Sookie bitching about how vampires cannot marry, but that doesn’t matter cause one hasn’t bothered to ask her yet. She’d be a good wife and good mom, she’d be as faithful as she could be. Wow…. Yes Sookie you sound like such a catch. Barf.

6) There are some ridiculous jumps in this book. Jason is missing, then Sookie brings a poor werewolf who has been hit by a car to the hospital. Because Jason was accused in the first book for murdering vampire banging trailer trash, even though they caught the real killer, suddenly Sookie is accused of being his accomplice. That Jason had Maria-Star locked in a cage at his place apparently and when he went missing Sookie released her and then ran her over with her car….Then took her to the hospital…. Ummmm…. I am not sure what to say about this except, did Ms. Harris need like two pages of filler and didn’t know how else to do it? I do not know if I see real police, real small town police, making these accusations. Especially of a family who practically helped found Bon Temps….. Ridiculous….. Is there a boggart around here somewhere? Ok…there’s my Harry Potter nerd showing lol

7) Now, while I liked the sub plot I had it figured out before Sookie, mainly just because of the horrible writing. She goes to Hotshot and sees some guy coming out a shed who runs away when he sees her. Then there is a panther paw print in blood and Jason’s house even though no panthers live in the woods of Bon Temps. Plus Sookie assumes the Norris’s are werewolves but never bothers to find out what, even though there are a dozen hints. Finally when she bothers to mention it to Sam he fills in the gap that Crystal Norris and her family actually turn into were-panthers and he would have told her sooner if he had known about the paw print…. Ummmm… Plot hole anyone? In a town as small as this one, when Sam even shows up at the search party where everyone knows they may be hunting a panther he still hasn’t put 2 and 2 together? Riiiiiight.

8) Debbie Pelt. While I love Eric taking a bullet meant for Sookie, again, and Debbie getting her just rewards, this is too convenient. With the amount of clean up, forensically it is a nightmare. Bleach will kill DNA but a good CSI team would be able to tell a ton of blood went down, plus they could probably find something Sookie missed. This scene would have worked better somewhere besides Sookie’s house. Also after so many people have broken into her house why hasn’t she installed an alarm system? I know she’s supposed to be so broke…. But pride before a fall and all that.

I super enjoyed the ending to this, Eric back to normal and him sending her a new coat, even if it was horribly ugly, Sookie has bad fashion taste. I mainly love this because Bill is gone through most of it, I get to see Bubba again and Eric is HOT! Happy reading!

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  1. I unfortunately couldn't read your review due to the spoiler alert, and I really still want to read this serie! But you reminded me of putting this back on my TBR list! Good to see you gave it such a high rating!

    See you around blogging buddy ;)

    Florentine @ Readiculously Peachy


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