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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Beautiful Darkness- Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

So I finished the sequel to Beautiful Creatures I read it in a day. I can’t decide if I read it in a day so it would get over with faster and I could move on to something else? Or if I am a glutton for punishment? Or maybe it really was that good. I am going with the second one.

Basically this book left me torn in two. I have the same issues with it that I did with the first one, and some of the same enjoyments.

However, that being said: ranty rant time I think I shall put this one into letter format for the first half

Dear bitch Lena,

You are a horrible person. You are angsty, selfish and whiny. No one cares that you think you are doing all of your running away, dressing like a slut and hanging all over some guy because you are a “ danger” to those you love. You are simply selfish and mean. It is mean to be horrible to the people who love you like Ethan and then turn around and get pissy when they…Oh I don’t know, make new friends or move on with their life. You are truly one of the worst characters I have had the misfortune to read about in the young adult section in the past few years. There at the end I was hoping Ethan would grow a brain, snog Liv and you would die. I hope in the third installment of this series you are a better person, a better niece, a better girlfriend and a better grand daughter. I haven’t wanted to smack a fictional character and say, suck it in forever.

Love ,

Dear Ethan a.k.a Lena’s doormat

You need to dump that cunt and run the fuck away. You could do SO much better.


This novel spent half the time with these people bemoaning their heartbroken fates and running through the Caster Tunnels, which I will admit was pretty cool. The plot was not difficult to figure out with the whole Macon/Lila Jane thing and Macon not really being dead, though I did enjoy both of those aspects to the plot. There was a Caster kitty, which was fun and I always love how the authors describe and shove in the many colorful characters living in Gatlin.

I felt bad for Ridley (though I have this whole time) and felt horrible for Liv cause she was actually a cool girlfriend. I praise the Goddess for Link cause he was truly the only one who could lighten the mood. I felt depressed and angry throughout all but the last maybe fifty pages of this novel. I still feel as if the authors are writing Ethan like women want to think boys act…but they really don’t. So like I stated before….I am not sure how I feel about the novel as a whole, so three stars it is.

I have no idea if I will be reading the third and fourth books in this series…

Come ON! Sixteen Moons, Seventeen Moons, and now Eighteen Moons? Its not clever any more, it’s repetitive.

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