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Friday, February 15, 2013

Immortal Hearts (Vampire Kisses) - Ellen Schreiber


** spoiler alert ** So I have been reading this series since it started... And this is the last book. Which makes me very sad

I love this series and this book gave me all the right squeeeeee! moments. I love Raven and her clich├ęd gothness. Everything in this book is simple and fantasy without being stupid. I think the names the author gives places like Hipsterville and Dullsville is clever, simple and silly.

This is the type of vampire book I would have LOVED reading at 12 or 13. Hello Batty and all sorts of cool things 13 year old me would have had all over her room. Raven is smart, witty and her own person, she knows what she has wanted her whole life and it is to be a vampire.

I am that girl... Other little girls dreamed of being the princess and I wanted Dracula to make me into one of his wives. Sure this series is all about the romance between Alexander and Raven, she lives for the moments she can see him again and they are going to live in joint coffins happily ever after. But it’s written in such a way that unlike Twilight doesn't disturb me. I just find it cute and fun! I mean Raven still plans to finish high school, go onto college, hang with her BFF and do family time with her folks!

I love the vampires, they are traditional (pretty much) drink blood; sleep in coffins during the day light vampires. I find this series almost satirical in nature, like the author is poking at vampires a bit and those people who love them so much.

Raven finally becomes a vampire at the end of this book...Hey I already warned spoilers! The covenant ceremony was great and this book made me glowingly happy. Like the little girl inside of me who used to write vampire plays at age 10, read Dracula by sixth grade, was hooked on vampire romance novels by 13 and just wanted to marry Lestat jumped up and down inside my chest squealing with joy for Raven and Alexander.

I don't care what anyone says, if the writing was awful or the book juvenile. For me this was a happy easy read that for a few moments made me sit back in the break room of my work with a stupid silly smile on my face

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