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Monday, February 11, 2013

Infamous Lady- Kim Craft

When I got this in the mail I seriously read it all in one night. I read while making dinner, while eating dinner, while my kids watched TV and then after they went to bed.

It had a TON of great information, some of which I didn't know through my own research. I liked that she mentioned which rumors were totally false or that there was no real proof that certain things in folk tale, actually happened. Though she did not touch on stories of Elizabeth having a baby out of wedlock which my research has found many tales of.

I especially enjoyed that she included information of Elizabeth's sisters, children and hand writing analysis as well as information that Elizabeth's killings usually escalated after she had to pretend to be normal at a gathering or after receiving guests.

I think the author wrote these facts with great interest and it was done in such a way that kept me interested and I am not a HUGE non fiction person.

The one negative was that the trail transcripts of all the witness testimony and who the witness were, man…dryer than dry and repetitive. I mean it’s nice to have that information from the records, but reading it was tedious.

One of the BEST non fiction accounts of the Blood Countess I have ever read and my personal library is FULL of them


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