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Monday, February 11, 2013

Idrakula- Bekka Black


OMG! So this is getting three stars, and only because it made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Take an author with WAY too much time on her hands, give her something to butcher, add emails and cell phones and you have created idrakula.

While yes the original story is written through diaries and letter and transcriptions, it works because of the time period. This is ridiculous because no one really does all of their communication through emails and text messages. Especially not important things like best friends dying, finding out your boyfriend has cheated on you and that a good friend has been committed to an asylum and then has died.

The author has put her own spin on Dracula and made it from the point of view of teenagers, and the worst kind of teenagers; emo, stupid and horny. She left out characters and changed the dynamics and relationships between the characters as well. The count is only seen through the eyes of Jonathan Harker, and they try to scientifically explain away Jonathan’s craziness in Romania and Lucy’s death. Van Helsing and Mina hook up at the end because he is only a few years older than her at this point. This book if you can really call it a book would have been more successful had she twisted it and given Dracula a cell phone and email of his own.

There was also a bit of silliness in some of the websites she used like Ask Vlad, drakipedia and Tepes Travel.

Between the emails, screen shots of text messages and browser history this book was a jumble of crap, funny bull shit, basically. And I cannot understand how it got published. Though after reading it I can understand why I found it in a used book store marked down to five dollars from ten. I have never heard of this or seen it before, though the cover art is fairly good. I will keep it, simply because I love anything Dracula.

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