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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ripper- Amy Carol Reeves


** spoiler alert ** Uh.... Oh... Ergh... Where do I start...

This is getting three stars because it is Jack the Ripper, which is the only reason I am keeping this, it is really just a 2.5 or 2 book though.

First off the main character Arabella. She's fairly interesting and not obnoxious, smart and didn't get on my nerves. But the way the author wrote events surrounding her was just ridiculous. Everything happens just so EASY. She doesn't faint at death, blood, babies being born, doesn't break a sweat or even bat an eye at STD's, prostitutes’ murder, corpses etc…etc…

She defeats four GROWN IMMORTAL MEN without any real training in fighting, all by herself.

The Inspector in charge of the Ripper case needs her to help him spy on doctors in the White Chapel Hospital cause she so dang special. I know that I am supposed to be suspending disbelief but come on!

And then the author does three things I really hate.

1) She introduced a bunch of other famous people from that time period, linking them together. Blah! Just because this takes place in the late 1800's does not mean I want to see every historical person interlinked within these pages as well. Blah!

2) LOVE TRIANGLE Need I say more? Ummm Well... yup. She is not that pretty or awesome to warrant the interest of two yes two handsome upper class doctors. And BAM! insta love, which I am ok with in paranormal books or when the author offers SOME explanation. But Arabella knows William for a few months, they spend barely any time together she even mentions she does not know ANYTHING about him and suddenly she is in lurv with him.... Stupid.

3) The idea behind the Ripper wasn't good enough. Conspiracy Theory Heaven is what I call books with Jack the Ripper that cannot find a more unique or better answer than just another conspiracy theory and secret club bruhaha. Sure the secret group was original but the rest has been done to death. ha ha

The author did do a good job of providing details and background, the writing was decent enough and I was entertained. The cover art was crap, but the premise was fun.

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